Safeguarding Children and Youth

Welcome to the Safeguarding Children & Youth Training.

Below you will find a powerpoint for your reference, the video training, and a quiz to test how well you or your leaders comprehended the material. When you complete the training, you will be issued a certificate of completion. To start the training, click on the video below. Note: You need to complete the video before taking the quiz.

  1. Minimum threshold for church attendance/involvement in church
  2. Prescreen ALL candidates consistently 
  3. Adopt policies and procedures involving boundaries/expectations
  4. Checklist - ensure there are no unlocked closets/office/private spaces before every gathering 
  5. “Never Alone” with Child/Student - physically and virtually
  6. Communicate boundaries and expectations to all interested parties
  7. Regular check ins with individual staff members/volunteers 
  8. Discuss and keep boundaries top of mind 
  9. See It, Say It immediately
  10. Create and communicate clear process for reporting

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