Module #1: Sexual Harassment Overview

Welcome to the first module for Sexual Harassment and Abuse Conduct Training. Below you will find some basic instructions on how to complete the course. You must complete all 8 modules in order to complete the course and receive your certificate of completion.

Modules & Videos

This course is designed for you to take each of the 8 modules in order. To complete this course and receive your certificate of completion, you much watch each video in its entirety AND pass each quiz.


Each module contains one quiz (8 quizzes total). You must pass each quiz with 80% correct or higher. If you fail a quiz you may retake the quiz up to 3 times in order to pass. You cannot move on to the next module without passing the quiz.

Case Studies & Comments

Some of the quizzes will ask you to review a case study and respond to a question in the case study in the "comments section". At the bottom of each module you will see a comments section where you can place your answer. These answers are not about being right or wrong, but about engaging with the case study. Once you make your comments, you can mark that question on the quiz as complete.

Centering Scripture

For your ways are in full view of the Lord, and he examines all your paths.

Proverbs 5:21

Sample Policy

We have provided a sample harassment, discrimination, & retaliation prevention policy which you can download and adapt with your for own church or organization (see below).

Sample Harassment, Discrimination, & Retaliation Prevention Policy.pdf
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